Travel Awards

Several centers and departments at the University of Notre Dame are generously donating funding for travel awards to support graduate students who are unable to secure conference travel funding from their own universities. All invited presenters residing outside the Michiana area who are unable to secure funding from their home institutions are eligible to apply for these travel honoraria regardless of the topic of their papers. Honoraria applicants must show proof of application to funding sources at their home institutions before they can be considered for a Notre Dame travel award. In order to be eligible for a Notre Dame honorarium, applicants must forward a copy of a university email message or submit a digital scan of a letter on university letterhead that indicates rejection of funding by the applicant’s home institution. Each honorarium is intended to partially cover travel expenses and will be awarded as a reimbursement after presenters have delivered their conference papers at Notre Dame.

Invited presenters who meet the above criteria and wish to be considered for travel honoraria should send an email indicating such along with proof of application to other funding sources to All correspondence will remain confidential. Requests must be submitted by 15 January 2017. Please note that we cannot accept requests submitted after the deadline.