New members begin terms on Vagantes Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Vagantes welcomed four new members to the Board of Directors during the International Congress on Medieval Studies. Aylin Malcolm (English, Univ. of Pennsylvania) will serve as webmaster. Scott D. Miller (Art History, Northwestern) joins the Board as Public Outreach Coordinator. Alice Isabella Sullivan (Art History, Univ. of Michigan) will fulfill the role of Historian. Matthew King (History, Univ. of Minnesota, not pictured) joins the Board as Future Host Representative. Continuing members include Kyle G. Sweeney (Art History, Rice), Helen Davies (English, Univ. of Mississippi), Marjorie Housley (English, Univ. of Notre Dame), and Jan Volek (History, Univ. of Minnesota). We thank outgoing Board members Andrew Welton, Roland Black, Meg Gregory, Miriam Poole, and Carolyn Van Wingerden for their leadership.