Conference Information 2018

The program for the 17th Vagantes Conference on Medieval Studies is now live! Check it out here!

Papers and Panels

Every Vagantes panel will be 1.5 hours long and will contain three or four papers, the topics of which are thematically/geographically/chronologically similar. For panels with four papers, each paper should be no more than 15 minutes long. For panels with three papers, each paper should be no more than 20 minutes long. All papers should be presented in English. We also encourage participants to provide English translations for any non-English passages used in papers. Once all panelists have read their papers, a faculty moderator will lead a structure discussion/Q&A with the panelists and audience about the content of the papers.

The Conference Venue

The University of Minnesota is inconveniently located on either side of the Mississippi River and is thus divided into two banks, the East Bank and West Bank. The entirety of the 17th Vagantes Conference will take place on the West Bank in Andersen Library and Heller Hall, with the majority of events taking place in the former.  Also note that Andersen Library is not the same building as Anderson Hall, although the two buildings are both located on the West Bank. In the below map, Andersen Library and Heller Hall have been highlighted with maroon rectangles.

The conference venue is located directly east of downtown Minneapolis. It is about a fifteen-minute walk to reach downtown proper or a five-minute trip on the light rail (see the “transportation” section below).


There are a number of ways to get to and from the conference venues. The Green Line has a stop at the West Bank, continuing west into Minneapolis and east into Saint Paul. In downtown Minneapolis, the Green Line intersects with the Blue Line, which can be taken south to the airport. The public transit system in the Twin Cities also contains a number of bus routes with stops at the University of Minnesota. Finally, there are numerous Uber and Lyft drivers who can help with transportation if you do not want to take public transit.


Minneapolis has many hotels for conference-goers to stay. We have secured a deal at the Hilton Garden Inn Minneapolis Downtown for twenty double-rooms that cost $99/night. The hotel offers a shuttle service to the University of Minnesota and is located on several major bus lines. To reserve a room using this special offer, use the following link –

Beyond this, there are many hotels near the University of Minnesota for you to consider. The following three hotels are the closest to Andersen Library and Heller Hall. We have included price estimates for these hotels as of December 2017. There is a chance that these prices will change between then and March:

Days Hotel on University
2407 University Avenue SE ~ Minneapolis, MN 55414
$157 per night for a room with two beds, about a thirty-minute walk to the conference venue or a six-minute trip on the light rail

Courtyard Minneapolis Downtown
1500 S Washington Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55454
$195 per night for a room with two beds, very close to the conference, less than a five-minute walk to the conference venue

The Graduate Minneapolis
615 Washington Avenue SE ~ Minneapolis, MN 55414
$259 per night for a room with two beds, located close to campus, about a twenty-minute walk to the conference venue or a three-minute trip on the light rail.

There are many other hotels in downtown Minneapolis that provide easy access to the conference via public transit or private shuttle services. Aloft Minneapolis and DoubleTree Suites Minneapolis are a few options in the downtown area. You can also look for hotels that are slightly further away but are located on either of the light rail routes described in the “transportation” section above. Every hotel that we have mentioned in this email is well within walking distance of numerous excellent restaurants. Minneapolis also has a substantial number of AirB&B hosts, who generally offer individual rooms in houses/apartments at a price cheaper than hotels.

Questions? Concerns? Please do not hesitate to contact us at